All products are unique and produced specially for you.

What quality can I expect?

CubeArea.store works with some of the leading print providers in the industry, which means that you can be confident that the printing techniques and the printed products have undergone extensive testing before being made available.

As long as the customer follows the product care instructions, the product will retain its colors and overall quality over a period of time.

This printing method is used for printing on clothing, and the process itself resembles digital printing on paper. Using this technique, pigmented water-based inks are applied to the garment’s surface and are absorbed by the product’s fibers. Typically, the garments are made of cotton or a cotton blend.

This is one of the most popular printing techniques.

There are t-shirts after 4 washes on the photos.

Image size table cm

Where can I find SIZE GUIDES?


Also, the size guide you can find on the product page, just scroll down to see the measurements and care instructions.

What if the garment size differs from the size guide?

Even though CubeArea provides accurate measurements for each garment size, you may find that your particular garment slightly differs from the expected.

Please note that in the garment industry, it is common to see a minor variation in the garment measurements. It means that there can sometimes be a small deviation (also known as tolerance) from the listed size guide measurements – up to 1 inch (2.54 cm). This type of minor deviation may happen, and the product is not considered to be defective due to that.

That being said, if the size deviation of your received garment is more than that, please get in touch with our support team by clicking on the "Submit issue".

In case of a size manufacturing error, we offer a free replacement or a refund if you contact us within 14 days of product delivery.

What is the production time if I buy on cubearea.store?

All products are unique and produced specially for you for 3 business days. The item is then sent for delivery.

I want to edit or cancel my order

We know you want your order fast so as soon as it is placed, we are on it! 

Regrettably, this means that we cannot cancel or make changes to your order including, but not limited to:

- Canceling your order or specific items

- Changing your billing or shipping address

- Changing payment method

- Changing color/size of items(s)

- Addition or removal of item(s)

Buy on Amazon

Some of our products are available on Amazon, cheaper and faster with Amazon Prime.

How to find Cubearea product on Amazon?

Here you can see all our products are available on Amazon.

Just open the product page and find an Amazon link.

Faster and cheaper with Amazon Prime.

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What is the production and delivery time if I buy on Amazon?

If you buy on Amazon the shipping time and rate you can see right on the product page.

Where can I find SIZE GUIDES?

The size guide is available on the Amazon product page.


Shipping to USA and Canada only. We are working on expanding the delivery area.

Our shipping policy

Starts when your order has been shipped, and does not include standard production time of up to 4 business days. Business days do not include Saturdays, Sundays, or US Holidays.

To ensure that your package is properly delivered and that you receive your package within the time frames we advertise, please make sure that your address is correctly entered and includes all relevant and/or required information. The use of correct abbreviations, street numbers, building or apartment numbers, and route information (if applicable) is critical for ensuring timely delivery. We do not take responsibility for lost, misplaced, or incorrectly delivered shipments if the address information provided is incorrect or incorrectly entered at the time of purchase.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping rates will vary depending on product type, print provider, and delivery destination. You can check all of our shipping rates here.

Return policy and process


All products are unique and produced after your order.

This means that returns and exchanges are not supported if
you ordered the wrong size, color, or simply changed your mind.

However, in case of a manufacturing error, we offer a free
replacement or a refund if you contact us within 14 days of product delivery.
Please get in touch with our team using the “Submit issue” form.


1. A refund can only be sent to the original payment method.

2. A refund takes up to 10 business days to be credited back to your bank account.

3. The refund includes a product price and shipping price for this product.